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Building businesses since 2005.

With more than 11 years of experience in fast and substainable company building we are the perfect partner for your company's implementation of all internal and external processes.

More than 15 years of active software and web development in Java, PHP, NodeJS, Objective-C and Swift in different industries allow us to develop any needed application to cover your needs.

Web Development

including server-side REST APIs based on NodeJS, PHP or Java to responsive and advanced frontends based on AngularJS including mobile first approaches and IOS apps based built in Objective-C or Swift 2

Business Processes

adjusted, planned and supported with the right software solutions we help tailoring your business

Project partner

for you and your company - nevermind if you are facing a short-term project or you are building up a company with substainable products and international approach

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United Innovations Holding GmbH

Herzog-Sigmund-Str. 10b

82031 Grünwald

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